Corporate Social Responsibility

At PRO LAVAGE POIDS LOURDS our equipment is calibrated for the best pressure/litre/efficiency ratio.

For example, we have nozzles with a 40-degree angle (as opposed to the usual 25 degrees), which allows us to sweep wider with the high-pressure lance.

This spring we replaced our 10 year old pumps in Cholet with the latest generation pumps with a 10% lower water flow and electric motors with lower consumption.

The same with 2 new gantries with lower consumption.

The result after several months is a saving of 150 liters of water per wash.

Our teams in Cholet and Angers are aware of the need to do the minimum of gestures and to do just what is necessary to minimize water consumption.

Our two sites (and soon 3 with Niort/La Crèche) are at the cutting edge of technology.

We are studying the installation of 100kwa of photovoltaic for the site of Angers for a part of self-consumption and resale of the surplus.

Our site in Niort will integrate 500m2 of photovoltaic solar energy for self-consumption and resale of the surplus.

We will also have 140m2 of solar thermal for an autonomy in hot water for the washing of the tanks 8 months of the year and a help of 20 to 60 % the winter months.

Pro Lavage Poids Lourds is a member ofADECC (Association for the Development of Circular and Collaborative Economy)

At Pro Lavage, we see the future with a big smile and we are not worried.